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Success requires this one idea: Believe First in Yourself
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The Journey

Valerie Connelly

Founder and CEO of Nightengale Entertainment LLC, Valerie Connelly, is a multi-talented creative whose inexhaustible work ethic spans more than four decades and six entrepreneurial businesses. Today, the focus of Nightengale Entertainment LLC encompasses her three most powerful creative voices: Writing, Music, and Film. Nightengale Entertainment LLC provides an over-arching structure for Nightengale Press, Meadowlark Film Productions LLC, and Song Sparrow Music to bring her creative voice and those of others aspiring to reach out to the world.

Valerie's musical talents showed up early and grew rapidly as the technology of the home studio expanded. A classically trained pianist, a professional singer/song-writer and performer since her teens, and ASCAP member since 1987, Valerie's love for songwriting and instrumental composition took her into the world of stage musicals, both as a performer and as a creator. She also performed regularly in Chicago clubs throughout the 1990s, as well as producing ten albums, and writing jingles for local businesses at her second business VALPRO Studios. 


In 2003 at the dawn of the print-on-demand revolution, Valerie launched her career as a book publisher with her third business, Nightengale Press. Nearly 20 years later, she had edited, designed and published 170 books for authors all across the United States and abroad, including six titles of her own. The publishing services evolved with the times to include hardcover and paperback fiction, non-fiction, full-color children's books---many of which she illustrated, eBooks, and the book and full score for a 21-piece orchestra. She continues to keep up with the times as she continues her longstanding relationship with INGRAM BOOK COMPANY and LIGHTNING SOURCE, Inc. 

Upon moving to the Nashville area in 2009, Valerie continued to perform as a singer/songwriter and then, the stage called to her again. In 2016, when the PBS five-camera shoot of her third stage musical, Fearless!, was marred by a poor audio recording of the twenty-one-piece orchestra, she remained undeterred. With the raw footage of one performance, and vocals tracks for all singers from all eight performances, Valerie learned to edit film and sync live vocal music and computer orchestrations together in Logic Pro X and then synced them to the video from the stage performance in Final Cut Pro.


"The resulting concept film and an enthusiastic reception of my pitch of the teaser at Film-Com 2019 proved to me that the story wasn't a stage play. It was a movie."


So, Valerie decided to journey into the film industry as her third major area of creative interest. During COVID she wrote four screen plays. The first is a Sci-Fi Musical Feature Film called LOVE IS...Two Worlds now in development.


As a member of the Board of Directors of Nashville Women in Film and Television, and as a member of the Nashville Composer's Association, Valerie is well placed to guide the Nightengale Entertainment ship through the choppy waters of working in the arts.


Her GOAL is to continue her own creative passions and to give voice to many unrecognized brilliant creative minds that are looking for a way to come into the light. Valerie's love for the arts and her proven commitment to hard work and an unstoppable optimism is best expressed by the Nightengale Entertainment Credo:

BELIEVE first in yourself.

You Can Achieve EXCELLENCE if you . . .

WORK harder than others think is necessary . . .

EXPECT more of yourself than others think is possible . . .

CARE more about your future than others think is wise . . .

TAKE RISKS more than others think is safe . . .

DREAM more than others think is practical . . . and


Advisory Board

Luke Taylor

Luke Taylor

Film and Financing Expert

Founding Partner of  Buffalo 8, A Bondit Company

Michael Woolf

Michael Woolf

Animation Director

Animation expert in game animation and film animation. Director, Actor and Screenwriter.

Audra Kelly

Audra Kelly

Film Producer

FounderCowboys Sweetheart Films

Geoff Koch

Geoff Koch

Film Composer

President of the Nashville Composer's Association. Award-winning Composer.

Donna Caldwell

Donna Caldwell

Music Licensing for Film

VP of Programming for Nashville Women in Film and Television

Gary Granstaff

Gary Granstaff

Producer, Ridgerock Entertainment

Founding partner of Ridgerock Entertainement

Royston Flude

Royston Flude

President, C-SPOC

Royston Flude currently works as the President, C-SPOC. CSPOC is a not-for-profit United Nations accredited which focuses on the development of self-sustaining people, organisations and communities. 

Lynda Evjen

Lynda Evjen

President, Nashville Women in Film and Television

Actress, Fundraiser, Community Leader

Hal Alpiar

Hal Alpiar

Branding Expert

Hal brings us his advertising career on Madison Avenue and his Entrepreneurial savvy and business coach and mentor..

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