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Above the Clouds

Available Content For Movies

A one-stop HUB of available content for movies.

Old time cinema at night

Our vision is to open doors for creators of all ages and ethnicities

to bring their stories, music and cinematic visions to life.


Nightengale Entertainment brings filmmakers available content for movies. Our wide range of content --- books from talented authors available for adaptation to film, screenplays from talented screenwriters, and reasonably priced film scoring services for Indie films --- give filmmakers everything they need to shoot intriguing new movies and TV series. 


Nightengale Entertainment provides books-to-film evaluation for authors, custom made music for consumers and for films, and co-partnership interest for filmmakers and film production companies. We can put original stories and music together to partner with other filmmakers and production companies to make brilliant cinematic adventures for the screen. 

If you're interested in available content for movies, contact us today at Nightengale Entertainment. We'll be happy to help you find the perfect content for your project and to provide a voice to unknown authors and screenwriters whose books, stories and screenplays will provide vibrant, new content.

Visit Nightengale Press, Meadowlark Film Productions and Song Sparrow Music

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