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Updated: Oct 31, 2022

Welcome to Books-to-Film, Custom Music, and Film Production

Hi! My name is Valerie Connelly, but please, just call me Valerie. As you will see, I’m one of those Baby Boomers who set out to improve the world we were born into. And I’m not done yet! I hate to sit around just twiddling my thumbs. I love to be in the creative space and working to facilitate the dreams of others along with my own dreams, too.

My working life led me to many creative destinations. I’m an educator, singer-songwriter, serious composer, stage actress, recording artist, novelist, playwright, screenwriter, book publisher, painter and printer, graphic designer, and patented inventor.

I love to travel, so... I traveled, lived and worked in Africa, worked in France and the Middle East, traveled all over sub-Saharan Africa, Europe, England, the United States and parts of Canada. Oh! Don’t forget the Galapagos Islands off Ecuador! I'll elaborate on all this and how it influences everything I do---every day---as my blogs unfold.

Share the Journey

I decided to share this journey with YOU to illustrate how following the inspiration and the wish to do something new brought me to form six entrepreneurial businesses over the years. And, I want YOU to know that Nightengale Entertainment is here to serve all the authors, screenwriters, film producers, musicians, songwriters and composers trying to make their way forward in the Arts.

After all, no one has to be a starving artist!

YOU are one of a kind!

Your life is taking you where you are supposed to go. Sure, sometimes it doesn't feel that way, but learning to shake off the doubts and push forward through the tough times is just part of being alive. Everyone has to struggle. Some of us learn to grow in the hard times. And that becomes the inspiration to creating the direction you know you're supposed to travel---even if you can't even see the exact destination.

BELIEVE FIRST in yourself.

This one idea is the key to unlocking all the doors that block your way.

We'll dig into this concept in the first series of blog posts available to all subscribers. Then we'll move forward through seven more essential ideas to open the doors to your future.

I hope you'll join me to discover how these concepts can support you for the rest of your life!

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