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Above the Clouds

Entrepreneurs Are Amazing People

The idea comes to you in the dark of night, or as you're driving, or on a train, plane or bus. Sometimes you have a scrap of paper to scribble it down or you grab your smartphone to use the Notes to capture the thoughts. Sometimes you don't. It's a mysterious experience that leaves you breathing hard. Get used to that breathing thing. It's a marathon to build a business where, inevitably, you'll trip, fall, get up and run again. Are you up to the race?

Everyone who works for themselves is an entrepreneur. We serve entrepreneurs in three areas:

1) Fiction authors who hope to see their book as a movie.

2) Filmmaker's who are looking for story content to make films.

3) Musicians who'd like to hear their songs in films.

And, we create custom music for the consumer to give as gifts (engagements, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, any reason at all), for the filmmaker who needs film scoring at reasonable rates and on-time delivery, and for business people who want a custom jingle to fit their brand. We sell our songs as digital downloads to any and all who find something they love on our playlists.

Visit Nightengale Press, Meadowlark Film Productions and Song Sparrow Music by simply clicking on the logos in the headers on every page of our websites.

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